For security reasons, no fans are allowed in Tunisian stadiums anymore. Forcing teams and fans in a long distance relationship. After average results throughout the season and, with the year's most important game approaching, Historical Football team C.S Hammam-Lif needed the support of its fans.


The 12th Man App. A mobile application that connects fans to 40 speakers in the stadium and allows them to cheer on their team while watching the game live on TV. Fans can sing, shout, applaude and more... just by tapping on sound icons. The more fans tap, the louder the sound in the stadium.


The app brought together 93.100 fans in a 12.000 seats stadium, empowering them, enabling them to help C.S.Hammam-Lif win the game and secure its position in the First League.

The 12th Man app allows fans to cheer on their team without being in the stadium.

Virtually book your seat using Facebook Connect.

The more you tap on the sound icons, the louder in the stadium.

Equalizers indicate the sound other fans are using in real-time